Everything that players new to BTC gambling need to know

BTC gambling is relatively new, and for many people, it is still unfamiliar and shrouded in mystery. It was founded a short while after the Bitcoin currency became functional, by individuals who saw the opportunity to tailor the currency’s advantages to online gambling. They wanted to offer a refined and feature-rich gambling experience. 

The result has been a more productive and polished gaming experience devoid of the many downsides of a typical casino. Below is a quick analysis of everything that players new to BTC gambling need to know.

It offers anonymity to its users

The most crucial aspect of BTC, which is also the main reason why it was developed, is that it offers anonymity to its players. As a new player, you can gamble with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your identity is safe.

While there are ways to uncover users of the currency, it is painstakingly complicated. It is, therefore, safe to assume that only those posing threats to national security run the risk of being discovered by authorities. Considering that gambling, regardless of currency, is legal, gamblers are mostly safe and should not worry about their anonymity getting compromised.

The games are similar to typical casino games

BTC games are identical to regular casino games, though slight technical variations may exist. The fun, the suspense, the joy of winning, the disappointment of losing, and everything that attracts people to gambling are all present. There is blackjack, roulette, and other fancy games, but the most famous are slots games, which have an excellent payout percentage.

Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations of BTC gambling may vary slightly from typical casino rules. It is expected since there is no governing body mandated with standardizing gambling regulations. As a new player, be careful to learn the specific rules of any game you play even if it is familiar to you. 

All games are played in BTC only

As the very name suggests, all games are played in BTC only. No fiat currencies are accepted, and a player has to convert his/her money to play. If you are a willing player, this should not discourage you as it is easy to get BTC. Visit www.bitcoin.org to get set up and start playing immediately.

The odds are better

The best thing about BTC gambling, which is fueling its meteoric rise, is that it offers better odds compared to traditional walk-in casinos. BTC has no deposit or transaction costs; additionally, running an online casino is more cost-effective. There are fewer employees, no lease costs and most of the games are automated. All these saved costs translate to better odds which attract gamblers in hordes. Do not be left behind! Take advantage of the high odds too!

Bigger bonuses

BTC sites use the advantage of lesser operation costs to offer clients more value for their money. They provide bigger bonuses than what typical casinos can afford. As a gambler, it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of such offers to maximize the chances of making more money.

Fair gaming

BTC casinos use a technology called Cryptographic Hash Technology to prove that games are fair. Not all casinos use this technology, but the reputable ones do. If you play in a gambling site that does not use this tech, you might be risking your money in games that are skewed in the house’s favour.

Quick payout

BTC casinos have a point to prove. They, therefore, make sure that payout is faster. Moreover, they are client-oriented to retain customers by offering a superior user experience. As a gambler, you are assured of top-notch services and, in most cases, excellent support too.

No outside interference

The documentation required by BTC sites is minimal. Furthermore, harassment and interference by authorities are also eliminated. Continuity is assured, and players, as well as the house, can conduct their affairs with much ease.

In a nutshell, BTC and typical gambling are mostly similar. The significant advantages of Bitcoin, however, gives BTC casinos a substantial edge over most traditional casinos. The result is that gamblers get better value for their money and seamless gambling experience. If you are still not sure whether BTC gambling it is right for you, sign up and give us a try! You will not be disappointed.

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