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5 Reasons why Bitcoin casinos are better than regular online casinos

Online gambling is one of the greatest inventions in the gaming community. The convenience and ease brought by this innovation continue to astound gamers all over the world. Cryptocurrency gambling, however, added a fresh new twist to the scene. The latter offers the player way more benefits and is particularly popular in the gaming community. So what are some of the advantages of digital currency casinos over their regular online counterparts? Legislative restriction For the longest time, fiat currencies have been the subject of both federal and state interference. Central banks and financial reserves in various nations tend to influence traditional currencies to achieve a specific monetary outcome. It implies different money-related activities in a particular region. Regular online gambling, for instance, which relies on conventional money is prone to be affected in the event of such interventions. A cap on monetary withdrawals from commercial banks that were witnesses in the 2008-09 Greek recession is just one of the instances where government interference has been witnessed. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has no regulations and is a software-backed system of currency exchange. The elimination of the human interface in the whole process ensures minimal interference since the logarithmic software determines the best course of action during each trade.


Bitcoin gambling in 8 easy steps

The various stages involved in the acquisition of digital currencies and gambling can seem complicated and can easily ward off potential players. The process, although long and intricate, is meant to serve as a security measure against any potential risk. This article seeks to offer guidance on how to go about it.  1. Sign up The first thing is to sign up at a preferred crypto coin site. The sign up usually involves the provision of your email address. After the signup, you will be sent an email requesting you to verify the email provided. The email usually contains a link which, when clicked, leads to automatic verification. Alternatively, a coloured button with the inscriptions “verify account” could also be provided for the same purpose. The verification stage also offers you the opportunity to provide your phone number to provide two-factor authentication to your account, for sites that offer this feature. The phone number is essential as a notification will always be sent to you every time a withdrawal or deposit request has been issued from your account. 


Everything that players new to BTC gambling need to know

BTC gambling is relatively new, and for many people, it is still unfamiliar and shrouded in mystery. It was founded a short while after the Bitcoin currency became functional, by individuals who saw the opportunity to tailor the currency’s advantages to online gambling. They wanted to offer a refined and feature-rich gambling experience.  The result has been a more productive and polished gaming experience devoid of the many downsides of a typical casino. Below is a quick analysis of everything that players new to BTC gambling need to know. It offers anonymity to its users The most crucial aspect of BTC, which is also the main reason why it was developed, is that it offers anonymity to its players. As a new player, you can gamble with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your identity is safe. While there are ways to uncover users of the currency, it is painstakingly complicated. It is, therefore, safe to assume that only those posing threats to national security run the risk of being discovered by authorities. Considering that gambling, regardless of currency, is legal, gamblers are mostly safe and should not worry about their anonymity getting compromised.