6 Jackpot slots you need to play today

In today’s gaming world, players are always on the lookout for the best-paying slots. They are seeking a chance to score big with just one spin of the wheel. However, incorporation of the house edge on slot games means players have a minimal chance of scoring big. The odds are always stuck against the players, adoption of strategy coupled with consistency, ensures that gamers earn some returns. The following are six jackpot slots that have created a buzz in the industry and why you need to try them out.

1. Mega Moolah progressive slot

Mega Moolah has attracted significant numbers owing to its massive jackpots. Of note is the fact that the smallest jackpot amount on offer is $1,000,000. This slot has made headlines since it has awarded several winners with even bigger jackpots. The game layout is also quite lenient to the player since it does not require a specific combination to unlock high stake games. Instead, the game randomly activates itself. Mega Moolah slot has four different value progressive jackpots, namely mega, major, minor and mini. These value differentials all appear on the wheel while taking the spin. The player’s winnings are thereby determined by where the wheel lands. These characteristics have made this progressive slot one of the most sought after in the industry.

2. Gladiator progressive slot

This slot is hugely popular because it caters for a broad audience. The fact that one spin can cost as low as twenty-five pennies and as high as $1,500 means the game is inclusive. Its jackpot offering of $635,000, coupled with its five reels and twenty-five pay lines also make it an attractive slot amongst many. This slot also has some bonus features incorporated in its play. The coliseum bonus feature, for instance, offers up to twenty-four free spins plus a load of other giveaways if you land the three coliseum symbols across the reel. The gladiator jackpot bonus is another of this slot’s bonus; here, the player is prompted to select different helmets which host gold, silver or bronze underneath. Choosing the gold signifies a win. 

3. Major Millions progressive slot

Considered by many as a complicated slot, Major Millions is unique in its making. It consists of a 3 and 5 reel version that is linked to offer a combined jackpot. This slot is popular among gaming enthusiasts despite its difficulty; this is due to the $900,000 tag placed on the game. In recent days, however, developers saw the need to up the ante to the $1,300,000 mark. 

The game features wild and scatters symbols that trigger winning combinations, but players should be aware of the fact that these do not necessarily mean issuance of bonus games. With spins at less than $3, this game caters for even those with the lowest wages. A player who lands the five major symbols across the 15th pay line is well on his way to big money. 

4 Sky Millions progressive slot

With well over a million dollars in prize money, sky millions progressive slot is what every player yearns for. Its simplicity, coupled with the fact that it features only five reels and nine pay lines, makes it quite appealing to many gamers. Its resemblance to the traditional play slots, especially in regards to its fewer pay lines makes this slot quite popular with the older generation too. But perhaps what most players are always eager about Sky Millions progressive slot is the bonus game feature. Landing three or more of the gold bar symbols is a sure way to open up a new game. The two determinants for the gaming outcome are the black arrow and the multiplier. Landing the multiplier offers the gamer a chance to scoop his winnings or another chance at a spin. Hitting the black arrow is a sure guarantee of a jackpot win. 

5 Gold Rally progressive slot

This slot is ideal for beginners due to its simplicity. It features three reels and eight pay lines. Its low spin prices are also most attractive to most players. The slot game offers gamers a chance to wage incrementally towards the coveted jackpot. Usually, landing nine scatter icons across all the reels grants the player the prize. The slot game is designed to reset itself every time a player makes at least $200,000. This slot boasts a jackpot of $1,500,000 – one of the highest in the industry.

6. Alice in Wonderland

This five-reel and twenty pay line slot game is as inclusive as can be. With a spin costing as low as 20 pennies, what more would a gamer ask for? For those with a knack for the big wagers, the game offers up to $200 price on spins. The jackpot slot has had big winners in recent years with a combined value of over $1,000,000. 

In conclusion

Automation of gaming systems has dramatically revolutionized the gambling world. Currently, slots offer a wide array of options and features. Be sure to find the most suitable slot before embarking on a play.

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