6 Games from ISoftBet you need to play now

The past two years have brought along good tidings to Isoftbet. The five years leading up to 2015 showed little prospects for the fledgeling online gaming site. An innovative streak, however, soon caught up with the company, and there has been no looking back since. Their creation of film-based games continues to win the casino praise and a massive following from gaming enthusiasts globally. Within their varied playlist, however, there are six games that attract more fans and are widely popular. They include:


This slot game is a unique creation by Isoftbet. This game has five reels and over 200 pay lines. With a house edge slightly below 4%, this game offers an excellent winning chance to most players. 24 is based on Keifer Sutherland’s action-packed TV series which is quite entertaining. The attention to detail, coupled with the mastery of the show’s gameplay, is proof enough that Isoftbet is a leader in the industry. The game offers some big wins although occasionally. But just like most slots, gamers get to enjoy the regular small wins that keep things moving. But perhaps the most fantastic thing about this slot game is that it has minimum wagering requirements, allowing gamers to cash out quite quick and easy. The game grants 100% bonus for up to $220 in addition to fifty free spins; quite a competitive offer by all standards.

Beverly Hills 90210

As the name suggests, this slot game is based on the TV series 90210. It consists of five reels and 240 pay lines. The payout ratio is pegged at about 97%, which is a fair reward to players. This slot has the occasional big payouts but requires some time before one can crack it. On top of the payouts, it does offer some free spins to gamers. The best strategy to making headway in this game is to wager small amounts at every instance as big bets could quickly deplete your reserves. A visit to various online and bitcoin casinos with the same version of the game depicts various bonuses available. The most common however are the 200% and 100% welcome bonuses with an additional fifty free spins for the latter bonus. 


For gamers with a penchant for action-packed movies, this slot game provides just that. It is based on the 1980s television production starring Sylvester Stallone. The game which has five reels and 720 pay lines is sure to give gamers an experience like no other. The slot does have progressive jackpots too that increase or decrease based on the player’s bankroll. The game offers a fair chance to all kinds of players though, including those with minimum stakes. These features, coupled with free spins makes this slot game quite an exciting pick. But be sure to pace yourself through the whole process, wagering small amounts as you go along; the big wins might take a while to show up.

Cloud Tales

With five reels and only nine pay lines, Cloud Tales is for the experienced player. Countless spins would hardly result in wins; players can sit around the slot for hours on end with no prospective results in sight. It has brightly coloured characters with a juvenile depiction but don’t be deceived by this simple and basic imagery. This slot game is tough and gives most players a difficult time before the winnings start showing. Isoftbet casino went all out with this one. From the graphics, style of play and skill required to make some good returns, this slot game is indeed a tough nut and ranks up there in the list.

The Best Witch

The Best Witch doesn’t come up so highly in terms of player return. With just a 95% payout ratio, it trails behind several slot games in the Isoftbet stable. But indeed what this slot lacks in terms of payout, it does genuinely make up for with its amazing features and a progressive jackpot. The slot has five reels and fifteen pay lines, but it does pay more frequently as compared to other slots with the same number of pay lines. Overall, this slot is a medium to high variance option, which grants the player a good chance of winning the prize money, albeit at long intervals.


This slot is a recreation of the 1986 movie that bore the same name. It revolves around a young man who opts out of college to join the US army. Isoftbet, as usual, has not disappointed in its creativity. The slot game has interesting wild symbols, and several free bonus spins for its avid supporters. A lot has been done to give the slot game a war feel, including the sights and sounds that characterize this game. With five reels and thirty pay lines, this slot promises a fantastic experience to both existing and new subscribers. Be sure to use its autoplay feature.

In conclusion

Isoftbet will undoubtedly continue to churn out sophisticated and innovative games. Their short stint in the industry has indeed proved this fact.

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