Bitcoin gambling in 8 easy steps

The various stages involved in the acquisition of digital currencies and gambling can seem complicated and can easily ward off potential players. The process, although long and intricate, is meant to serve as a security measure against any potential risk. This article seeks to offer guidance on how to go about it. 

1. Sign up

The first thing is to sign up at a preferred crypto coin site. The sign up usually involves the provision of your email address. After the signup, you will be sent an email requesting you to verify the email provided. The email usually contains a link which, when clicked, leads to automatic verification. Alternatively, a coloured button with the inscriptions “verify account” could also be provided for the same purpose. The verification stage also offers you the opportunity to provide your phone number to provide two-factor authentication to your account, for sites that offer this feature. The phone number is essential as a notification will always be sent to you every time a withdrawal or deposit request has been issued from your account. 

2. Account details

The next step is the provision of your bank account details, including your debit card number and account number. It is for purposes of buying digital currency. The crypto coin site you intend to buy from has to source money from your account.

3. Buying

Next, it is time to purchase your crypto coin, and this can be done by accessing your account. You can either type the amount of BTC you intend to buy or the amount of us dollars that you wish to send. Click, purchase, and confirm whether the purchase has been made. It is important to note that there is a small fee charged on this transaction.

4. Creating a wallet

The next step is the creation of a wallet. This is for safekeeping of your money. It is usually a simple process with well-labelled instructions that will prompt you to sign up and input your password. You will be provided with a phrase that will serve to recover your account in the event of losing your password. In case you lose both the phrase and password, your account will be untraceable and therefore all your possessions will be lost. Make sure you store these details in a safe place.

5. Sending money

By now, you should have your wallet address. Copy your wallet address and go to the account of the crypto coin casino site you created. Paste the details you copied on the sending segment provided. After that, you will be required to type in the amount of crypto coin you intend to send to the casino account. A coloured button is usually at hand to initiate the sending process. Ideally, most crypto coin casinos will require you to confirm that all the details provided are correct. I.e. the account selected and the amount typed. If everything is in order, you can proceed and click on the send button.

6. Confirmation

The next phase is usually the confirmation of your transaction. The blockchain does this. The confirmation will only be complete once the transaction has been confirmed. All these steps can be seen once you access the main screen and view your transaction page. For real-time analysis of the progress of your transaction, you can visit the block chain’s website. Usually, it takes about half an hour before all the verifications are complete.

7. Deposit

The completion of the confirmation process paves the way for you to deposit money into your casino account. Just proceed to the blockchain account displayed on your screen and click on the “send to” button. Type the amount of crypto coin you intend to send and the address of the site. 

8. Gaming

You are now ready to go, and you can try out your favourite games. You can always attempt trials before you finally settle on a real game.

In conclusion

 With crypto coin now becoming the currency of choice among traders and online gamblers, you do not have an excuse not to try out this innovative product. It is fast, less costly, convenient, and has the advantage of anonymity too.

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