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6 Games from ISoftBet you need to play now

The past two years have brought along good tidings to Isoftbet. The five years leading up to 2015 showed little prospects for the fledgeling online gaming site. An innovative streak, however, soon caught up with the company, and there has been no looking back since. Their creation of film-based games continues to win the casino praise and a massive following from gaming enthusiasts globally. Within their varied playlist, however, there are six games that attract more fans and are widely popular. They include: 24 This slot game is a unique creation by Isoftbet. This game has five reels and over 200 pay lines. With a house edge slightly below 4%, this game offers an excellent winning chance to most players. 24 is based on Keifer Sutherland’s action-packed TV series which is quite entertaining. The attention to detail, coupled with the mastery of the show’s gameplay, is proof enough that Isoftbet is a leader in the industry. The game offers some big wins although occasionally. But just like most slots, gamers get to enjoy the regular small wins that keep things moving. But perhaps the most fantastic thing about this slot game is that it has minimum wagering requirements, allowing gamers to cash out quite quick and easy. The game grants 100% bonus for up to $220 in addition to fifty free spins; quite a competitive offer by all standards.


10 Betsoft slots you must try

Betsoft has made a name for itself in the casino industry. It continues to offer 3D slots that provide a fantastic gaming experience for gamers worldwide. Its graphics come second to none. Coupled with the themes and huge payouts make Betsoft a popular choice among many ardent gaming fans. Of particular importance, however, is the fact that you can play Betsoft slots on the go without the need to download any mobile application. All you are required to do is visit Betsoft platform or any online casino that feature Betsoft games and play any game you wish to. This platform is compatible with both Android and iOS. Here, we seek to inform you of the most lucrative Betsoft slots that you should attempt.  1. Gypsy Rose Gypsy Rose is just one of many Betsoft slots that continue to wow gamers across the globe. Its colourful graphics displays with animated images make for a thrilling gaming experience. This slot game has five reels with a whopping thirty pay lines. The machine makes a provision of up to five coins to be wagered per pay line. The coin’s value might be anything from $1 to $6. The offers available in terms of prize earnings are genuinely fantastic and serve to motivate the player all the more. 


6 Jackpot slots you need to play today

In today’s gaming world, players are always on the lookout for the best-paying slots. They are seeking a chance to score big with just one spin of the wheel. However, incorporation of the house edge on slot games means players have a minimal chance of scoring big. The odds are always stuck against the players, adoption of strategy coupled with consistency, ensures that gamers earn some returns. The following are six jackpot slots that have created a buzz in the industry and why you need to try them out. 1. Mega Moolah progressive slot Mega Moolah has attracted significant numbers owing to its massive jackpots. Of note is the fact that the smallest jackpot amount on offer is $1,000,000. This slot has made headlines since it has awarded several winners with even bigger jackpots. The game layout is also quite lenient to the player since it does not require a specific combination to unlock high stake games. Instead, the game randomly activates itself. Mega Moolah slot has four different value progressive jackpots, namely mega, major, minor and mini. These value differentials all appear on the wheel while taking the spin. The player’s winnings are thereby determined by where the wheel lands. These characteristics have made this progressive slot one of the most sought after in the industry.