Healthy ways to deal with a casino losing streak

Anyone that has been to a casino has had their fair share of losses and wins. When you go playing at a casino, part of the excitement emerges from the anticipation of the next outcome of your bets and everyone hopes that it will be positive. It should be evident to everyone that the casino always has an edge in most games, and is more likely to win in the long run. However, in the short term, luck will majorly come into play to determine whether you lose or win

These streaks can sometimes be enjoyable long wins, but there are times when Lady Luck doesn’t smile at you, and you have to deal with a disheartening streak of losses. 

Winning is good, and it may be accessible at times, but it is losing that exposes your real character and resilience. Your inner strength is tested in how you manage to handle adversity. 

When is it a streak?

Some people say that you will never know what if you are on any streak until it comes to an end. That may not be entirely true. You can see that you are on a losing streak when you lost many games in a row. Once you establish that you have a streak, then you should decide your course of action to save not only your bankroll but also your emotional well-being.

Have a limit

It is essential to have some funds set aside for gambling purposes only. Your funds should be on a different account from the one you use for other transactions like paying bills and travel. You should also set limits and stick to them. In other words, you should be disciplined enough to know that you will not play beyond your limits. This way you will not go completely broke or empty your accounts on gambling. 

Whatever you do, do not tilt

It is easy to get emotional when you have lost several times in a row. Tilt is a term used by poker players for someone that loses their cool, loses their control and becomes upset. This is something you have to work at avoiding. Once you tilt, you will start making poor, irrational decisions. This is because everyone that loses starts wagering desperately to get it back either by increasing the number of their wagers or playing at higher denomination slot machines. Both situations may result in further losses. 

It is not the dealer’s fault

You have to understand that it is not the dealer’s fault that you are not winning any game. The dealer is merely doing their job. You have to avoid taking it out on the dealer at whatever cost. 

 You should always relax

Try to remain calm and relaxed. First and foremost, take deep breaths. This will get more air to the brain cells and ensure that you can think clearly. You can breathe deeply through your nose, hold your breath for four seconds then release the air slowly through your mouth; do this four to five times. If that does not help, you can take a brisk walk away from the machine or table or your computer if you are playing at a crypto coin. Pace around for a moment; wash your face, hands and legs. If you really feel upset, then find something to eat or drink. Avoid taking drugs or alcohol. A soft drink or a glass of coffee will help you relax.

Change games

If you decide to continue playing after relaxing and getting a grip on your emotions, it is advisable to change games. Changing games may change your lack. You might also want to play lower denominations and place smaller bets. This way you will not lose as much money in the event the streak continues. If the losing streak is still upsetting, then you should stop playing entirely for the day and come back another day or time.

The way you manage your losing sessions are significantly determined on where you are based. For instance, if you have travelled all across the world to Las Vegas to play, then it might be hard to pack up your bags and leave. However, it is much easier to stop playing at an online casino. You have to realize that it is your money at stake here and no one is forcing you to play at a given casino. 

In conclusion

Bitcoin gambling should be a lot of fun. The ups and downs are also to be expected but make sure not to let the long losing streaks get into the way of you having fun. If you take time to strategize in advance properly and plan on what you should do when you get to a losing streak, you will handle the pressure much better and even get back to your feet to win yourself some good cash.

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